What Is Local Search For Dentists™?

Times have changed. The marketing strategies that used to win you new dental patients every month are now as worthless as that busted, old exam chair collecting dust in your storage room.

Even online marketing, a crucial channel for attracting loyal new patients, is constantly reinventing itself. Google’s “algorithm” (a.k.a. its secret code that determines who shows up in the search results) changes several times per day.

It’s nearly impossible for most people to keep up with these elusive, seismic shifts. And it’s not how most dentists want to spend their days. They want to practice dentistry.

That’s where we come in.

Founded by award-winning marketing expert Graig Presti in 2011, Local Search For Dentists™ has helped hundreds of dental practices just like yours attract new patients on Google. We’re a three-time Inc. 500 winner, meaning we’ve been recognized three times as one of the fastest growing and most successful companies in the country.

We’ve also been recognized as an industry leader in USA Today, Fox News, Newsweek, ABC, NBC, CBS, The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, CNN, Forbes Magazine, and other prestigious publications and news outlets.


Well, unlike other fly-by-night marketing companies, we take a unique approach to getting you tons of high-quality patients from the Internet who stay for years and pay on time.

And believe it or not, our services have nothing to do with your website.

We’ve developed a proprietary Patient-Attraction System (completely independent of your website) that is designed to position you as the most reputable, trustworthy doctor in your local area. We achieve this through a carefully-structured process that involves leveraging a powerful asset you already have in your office as you read this…your existing patients.

In this day and age, people trust the opinions of existing clients even more than their own family members. When you’re able to harness those opinions and reflect them back to potential clients, you will have your own automated client-generating machine. This will result in practice growth that you never thought possible.

But do it wrong (truthfully, 99% of practices who try to do it on their own mess it up), and it will blow up in your face…resulting in a dashed reputation and your business going down the tubes.

The majority of our clients see record-breaking new patient numbers and income levels. But more importantly, they are able to retire or sell their practices much earlier (and for more cash) than would have ever been feasible trying to market on their own.

When you work with Local Search For Dentists™, you have a trusted partner in your corner who takes care of getting you new patients.

That way, you can do what you do best…dentistry.

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