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Dr. Richard B. Dunn D.D.S., PC
Practicing Dentist
Munster, Indiana

Before working with Graig Presti and his team we had zero internet presence with poor and inconsistent rankings on Google as well as the other search engines. Within a few short weeks of Graig working on this for our dental practice, by using multiple “keyword”, general listings and geographical search techniques we now experience consistent rankings in the # 1 or 2 position.




Here's What's Included...

  • A 100% "Done For You" Custom American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant Website- that is "tested and proven" to pass all ADA and WCAG 2.0 AA standards for accessibility.
    • Your non-disabled (prospective and current) patients will not know the difference with your new ADA website, and will ABSOLUTELY love it. :)
  • 100% Guaranteed to have ZERO alerts, ZERO errors and ZERO contrast errors (according to the accessibility tool)
  • 100% Guaranteed to work on ALL major smartphones & Tablets including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile INCLUDES:
    • "Click To Call" Enabled (with the tap of the screen, your patient is connected INSTANTLY to your business)
    • Hours of Operation
    • Mobile map with directions (a mobile map to your site with step-by-step directions to your business)
    • "Leave A Google Review" Button (now patients can give you a 5 STAR review online in an instant)
    • And all the other important services information & content about your practice
  • Website analytics - Keep track of all your mobile website traffic and site visitors for maximum patient retention and conversion!
  • Referral Social Share:
    • Social share links to increase your revenue via.. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Email
      Patients will be able to share all the great things about your practice on ALL the major social sites, resulting in gangbuster referral rates and lifetime patient value! All with the tap/click of a button on your mobile site via their smart phone.
  • And if you have video on your website or create videos in the future, we will upload them to the site and ensure they have proper closed captions

  • We'll even handle getting you out of your current website contract (if applicable) and transferring all necessary information to ensure a fast launch of your new ADA site. (We do this every day)

  • Ongoing maintenance, ADA accessibility updates, and licensing rights to the website
    • Now you can sleep well at night knowing that you’re 100% website is compliant with ADA accessibility standards
    • We will consistently and constantly monitor all ADA updates to ensure the site converts on ALL new technology and accessibility that comes out!
    • Now you can focus on seeing patients and let us handle all of the techy details  This is the LAST website you’ll ever need to invest in!! You’ll have this until you retire.
  • Unlimited FREE website hosting of your new ADA compliant website(There are NO HIDDEN FEES- NO SNEAKY CHARGES)

Limited Time offer

Attorney Demand Letter Action Plan
($1697 Value)100% FREE!

- If you ever receive a letter from an attorney claiming that your website is not compliant we will provide you with 5 Necessary Steps to combat the claim made against you. (Step #1 is CALL US!)

- And I will even give you $450.00 out of my own pocket to use towards my "Silicon Valley" attorney (but you need to use him because he’s that good and I trust him whole heartedly!) What other dental marketing agency or web firm will do that for their customers!!

Chris Hawkins, D.D.S.
Practicing Dentist
Burleson, Texas

LSFD has taken a lot of effort out of trying to market my practice. In five of seven months last year, we collected over $90,000. One month, it was over $100,000. And I’m a one-doctor practice. I’ve had these incredible months where I’m seeing 60-80 new patients a month. I can’t keep up with the demand; it’s great!




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