Say This To Your Patients and Watch What Happens

Guest Post By Jayne Bandy, Dental Phone Excellence Have you ever been out and about and heard something that just sounds so wrong? I was buying a DVD in a retail store last week when I heard what seemed to be the same thing said by two different sales people. I was lined up waiting for an available checkout person… Read More »

Why You’re Missing Out On A Significant Number Of Appointments (and have no clue about it)

Guest Post By Jayne Bandy, Dental Phone Excellence Some of my clients have chosen to use a Call Tracker company to measure their call results. It is such a great way to measure and track calls coming into the practice and see how the calls are handled by the team. When I look at the results of call tracking I… Read More »

How To Give A 5 STAR Patient Experience At NO Cost!

I hear Dentists saying repeatedly that they are losing patients and that they are not getting enough new patients coming back through the door. This is not good news for any Dental Office. I mentioned a few weeks ago that it is crucial to decide which type of patients you prefer to see, and to start attracting those patients. Don’t… Read More »

The First Step To Increasing Your Call Conversions Is…

Call conversions is the one part of our business that we often overlook. Or we do monitor it for a while then for some reason we stop. Measure your results. To put it bluntly, if you are not measuring your results you really have no idea what is going on in your business. When I talk about measuring I mean… Read More »

12 Ways To Recession Proof Your Dental Practice

I’ve coined 2016 “The Year of The Bankrupt Dentist”. The reasons for this are simple. Corporate dental practices are invading cities and breaking private practices over their knees in a matter of months. Patients are spending less money (hoarding cash due to uncertainty, looming elections, terrorism etc.). These LARGE private mega practices are buying up everything in sight, taking over… Read More »