What can you tell me about Local Search For Dentists effectiveness?

Please read the case studies here, https://www.localsearchfordentists.com/stories/

We are finding that it is dramatically increasing traffic to the doc’s website and overall web presence, as well as we’re seeing patients that come from the internet are more high dollar cases.

Also, there is a lot of mis-information out there about offices that mis-lead patients and result in doc’s being in the Google “sand box” (Google penalty) or closed for business on the Internet, which get the practice ZERO patients from the Internet. The minute we helped this Doc his phone started ringing again…See here >>https://www.localsearchfordentists.com/saveslistings/

My Web Developer and SEO company setup my listing, why do I need LocalSearchForDentists.com?

Web developers and SEO company’s unfortunately do not know the in’s and out’s of Local Search for dentistry and how to use a combination of strategies and that’s where we’ve really nailed down exactly how to do that. They may be great at creating websites and/or optimizing them, but they are too busy doing their core work that they don’t keep up on optimization strategies and rules of the Search Engines. They also don’t have the time or man power to monitor it weekly to make sure the information is correct and your listings have not been hijacked.

**One client of ours in Connecticut found out that his web development company had created a listing on his address without his knowledge. Luckily we were able to reclaim the listing but if he had not been aware of the problem, he would have been left with a rogue listing which then drops him down the search. In some cases, Google will delete all your listings because they don’t want rogue listings in the searches.**

Other companies also do not know how to deal properly with multiple listings on the search engines. You want to PROPERLY combine those listings because that’s going to give you more staying power over time, and believe me chances are you have more than one listing…just don’t let anyone take on that job or you might drop to the bottom of the search.

At LocalSearchForDentists.com we follow the policies for the search engine and know the exact steps of how to merge them properly because it violates their policies if you have many multiple listings under one address and gives you more Search engine power overtime.

Can I keep working with my current web guy or do I have to stop when I start working with you?

Many of our clients still work with a web designer they are loyal too. But one thing that needs to be emphasized is that this person is not an expert in google, yahoo and bing’s constant changes in formula’s and regulations for Local Search Optimization. So we recommend that they work on the specific website design and leave local seo to us, but they are are a great resource to update your website with a lot of the new information you get from our services.

How does LocalSearchForDentists.com compare to Yodle.com?

Yodle focuses on media buying for you and place the ads. (ie PPC, online ad buying) they do of the online advertising campaigns etc.

Where we actually grow your “own” verified dental listings in the local search engines over time by submitting them manually to over 100 directories, and hyper specific local and dental directories. There are companies that say they do this but it is automated by software that is proven to take 6-8 months to update and is some cases not work at all.

I Already Do Pay-per-Click For Local Search, Why Do I Need The Maps?

It is now becoming less and less important to spend money on Pay-Per-Click. Pay-per-Click has become almost saturated to the point where you’re fighting with these bigger companies with huge budgets, like 1-800 Dentists, Lumineers and the Big Implant Providers like Clear Choice. But, at the same time, why would you spend marketing dollars when 85% of the people online are actually looking local for a free listing and they’re ready to make a call. With the entire front page of Google now being dominated by local search, Google knows that more people are online looking locally.

Do you work with our existing website or does a new one need to be created?

No there is no need, it does not involve your existing website, in fact you don’t even need a website for Local Search to achieve a top listing, although we recommend one.

Do we get to see the videos before being broadcasted?

Yes, but we strongly recommend the office generating more video’s on their own, especially patient testimonials and Google loves fresh content and videos. These videos provided are to get you started in the right direction.

What if any does my staff have to maintain?

Nothing, unless they choose to add content and posts to the blog or post to the twitter or facebook. But even then they can send us information and we can post it for you.

If you are interested in utilizing all that we have to offer, and you feel like it is a fit for you and your practice, here is a private link for request a no obligation consultation

Hope this clears things up and is helpful!