Dentist’s Staff Had Instant “Relief” When He Did This One Thing…

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Daniel A. Flores DDS, MS, PC has no complaints about recently hiring THE ONLY 4X-Inc. 500/5000 winning dental marketing agency Local Search For Dentists® (LSFD) to help generate more patients, referrals and glowing patient reviews for his two orthodontic practices in Escondido and Fallbrook, CA. With the help of LSFD, Dr. Flores is seeing massive improvements in patient acquisition, retention and phone calls, including ranking on the first page of Google search pages in a short time. He said this has translated to “relief” among his staff members, and they no longer have to worry about where new patients will come from. They can focus simply on practicing dentistry.

Click the “Play Button” above and watch Dr. Flores’ share his success using LSFD. OR if you prefer a quick read, there is a full transcript below.

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Ever since we’ve been working with Local Search For Dentists®, the rest of my team feels relieved, because up to now it’s been up to us to post this or post that, and “Let’s get the word out or make sure our name of this directory is correct and that everything matches.” Well, you guys are doing all that for us. And that’s just a big relief and I think that’s what separates you from some of the others out there. Even though others may say they do that, I mean you guys deliver.

I have an orthodontic practice; I’m a specialist in orthodontics. I’ve been practicing since 1989, so going on 30 years. And so it’s been fun and it’s kind of energized me a little bit just to have a new goal. And so bringing Local Search For Dentists® in as part of the team for that has helped ease me in this big quest for getting patients from this area. I know there’s somebody out there working for me 24/7, getting my name out in local directories, getting all those things straightened out and also helping me with getting more Google reviews, asking my patients in a format that is easy for them to fill out and complete has been a big game changer. They have gone way beyond my expectations getting us some recognition on Google search. If you get a good review on Google, that’s going to help you when patients are looking for an orthodontist and your name comes up as someone who has been reviewed.

Local Search For Dentists® has helped me just increase my viewership, I would say on searches. Before, I don’t think I was anywhere in the front page of a search for an orthodontist in Escondido. I’ve been here for four years. Soon after I signed on with Local Search For Dentists®, I came to the front page. That’s a big game-changer, I think. And the number of my reviews have gone up. I’m just looking forward to just seeing the results of joining forces with you and getting more and more new patients coming in.

The benefits I’ve received are less work on my part, and our team’s part on worrying and putting effort into getting our name out there on the internet; you guys do that for us Local Search For Dentists® does a great job. You do all the work for us.

Well, my experience with customer service with Local Search For Dentists® has been great so far. Every time I’ve emailed their support and asked them to do a particular item or requested some information on what’s going on, they respond to it or take care of it or let me know what my options are with certain questions that I’ve asked. So, the customer service has been great.

I’m just looking forward to continuing with you guys.

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Have Fun & Do Something Great!
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