Dentists Have Trouble With Addressing This One Staff Behavior…

It’s funny, but for some reason dentists have difficulty with confrontation. I see dentists often say to me: “I couldn’t ever say that!” And really, by not doing what I tell them they should say, these dentists are committing themselves to extra misery and despair. And I’m not talking about SELLING. I’m talking about staff issues. I hear of an… Read More »

12 Ways To Recession Proof Your Dental Practice

I’ve coined 2016 “The Year of The Bankrupt Dentist”. The reasons for this are simple. Corporate dental practices are invading cities and breaking private practices over their knees in a matter of months. Patients are spending less money (hoarding cash due to uncertainty, looming elections, terrorism etc.). These LARGE private mega practices are buying up everything in sight, taking over… Read More »