Learn How Chris Hawkins, DDS Is Consistently Gaining 60-80 New Patients Per Month and Generating $100k+ PER MONTH In Production, ALL Without Spending Thousands On Marketing!

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Our clients are consistently reporting record months:

“Thank you for all your help. We’re kicking a$$ at our office! We did $101,000 in collections last month and had 81 new patients. All-time high for new patients and just a few dollars short of breaking a collections record.” – Christopher Hawkins DDS PC

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Dr. Hawkins: Local Search For Dentists has taken a lot of the effort of trying to market for my practice. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years with different companies, who have over promised and under delivered. I can tell you without equivocation nothing has worked this well. I sleep great.

As far as my stress level, it’s way down and our new patient numbers are up and it’s just been incredible. It’s unbelievable how much Graig has helped us.

Local Search For Dentists; they just stress the content of a Google review. One night I was at home – this was last year February 2015 and was watching one of his webinars. He said some things that really hit home with me. I thought he was on to something.

I realized that this was a no-brainer in terms of what you’re required to do. After they set up your Google account, they show you how to ask people to leave reviews right there in the office.

It’s absolutely crazy how well this has worked. My wife doesn’t believe that it was as easy as it was. It’s been wonderful and I love Local Search For Dentists; I honestly want to come down and shake Graig’s hand and just thank him personally for how much of a difference he has made in my life. I’m just ecstatic.

I pulled out my numbers from last year and five of the seven months in 2015, we collected over $90,000, which is insane. It’s like I’ve never, ever done that. And one month it was $100,000. I have a one-doctor practice with two hygienists, so that’s pretty busy.

As a result, I’ve had these incredible months. I’m seeing 60-80 new patients a month. We’re trying to get my wife (also a dentist) down here to help me because I can’t keep up with the demand. It’s great.

I feel like I do very little now in marketing. I just show up and I shake peoples’ hands.


How Has This Influenced Your Patients and Prospects?

Graig said something on one of his webinars that when people Google you, they’re already looking for something so they want to buy whatever it is that you’re selling.

When potential patients read your reviews and they see that you’re good, they already trust you…so it’s not as hard.

Before I started working with LSFD, a lot of times people would come in and sit there all gruff, like, “Convince me why I should pay you money for you to hurt me.”

Now with Local Search For Dentists, patients come in and they already want an implant or a bridge, etc. They’ve got their money and they practically just hand it over.

Yesterday this guy walked in and he needed an implant. He coughed up $4,000 cash, on the spot, paid in full. So it’s wonderful – almost every day something like that happens and it’s been just crazy. I’m super thrilled and I just can’t say enough good things about Graig.

How Are All These New Patients Finding You?

LSFD has really made me aware of the Google presence; your placement on Google and how many reviews you had.

Before I started with them, I think I had four reviews and two of them were terrible. It’s hard to keep track of your online reputation, but with this focus as he proposes, you can really take control of it.

From what I’ve observed and obviously from what Graig has researched and taught me, the way people are looking for products is with their smart phones – they’re searching on their mobile phones and that’s exactly what I can attest to personally from the last year of what he’s helped us with.

When I watched the webinar he even started saying that the doctor that has the most Google reviews in your area is getting all the new patients. I’m really close to my limit as far as what I can handle every month.

How is Customer Service?

Customer Service been good. If I have an issue, I email or call Danny. He gets right back with me promptly, so I’ve been very happy. He’s really responsive.

Do You Trust LSFD?

I’m one of the most skeptical people you’d probably ever meet in terms of convincing me to spend money with a company for a service. One night I was just really desperate and stressed out. I signed up and started doing what he told me to do. Like I mentioned, five or seven months last year we topped $90,000 or even $100,000. It’s crazy.

I just want to impart to you whoever is reading to give him a chance, I trust this guy implicitly. Like I said, I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars in other areas of marketing, and nothing has worked this well. I promise you that, so give him a chance.

How Has LSFD Given You A Competitive Edge?

Patients come in and they already trust me. So, I don’t have to struggle to get them to spend money. As far as competition goes, so many people when they call, look you up on Google and they review you and everything, you have by far the most Google reviews in the area. So I feel like I really have a strong market pull.

I definitely have a presence and Graig has certainly helped us bolster that to make us really competitive. People implicitly will trust you as a provider when they see your online reputation and your reviews. That’s usually the closest thing they have to do an honest evaluation of the doctor aside from having a personal experience with him themselves.

Sometimes I’m busy to the point that people are just begging me to get their work done.


How Has Working With LSFD Affected Your Home Life?

My wife is a dentist and we graduated from Dental School together. About a year and half before I met Graig, I just struggled and struggled to pay the bills. But since working with LSFD, I’m so busy that I built a second suite next door here. I’m really getting close to needing another doctor.

LSFD has taken a lot of stress off of my wife, too; she’s not worried we’re going to go belly up or whatever. She’s happier, and I feel peace about the business. I would say it’s the best word to describe it. I feel peace about coming to work and there’s going to be bread on the table for me to draw from. It’s really nice to just focus on patient care and everything else sort of take care of itself.

So in a few words, LSFD really helps reduce my stress, makes me busier than I ever thought I could be and also allowing us to make money that I didn’t think we could ever make. So I’m absolutely happy with Local Search for Dentists.

Any Final Thoughts About Local Search For Dentists?

This is directed at the dentist who is watching and probably sitting home at night after work, stressed out to the max. What Local Search For Dentists has done for me, it’s almost indescribable. I mean my accountant was blown away – we set a goal last year to $840,000. We ended up collecting just over $980,000. We outperformed my goal by $140,000 because of this. Working with LSFD is the only thing that I’ve been really doing differently. This is really the only thing that’s been like a magic bullet.

When you watch Graig, he’s kind of a little zany and out there. But I finally decided just to give it a shot…and he’s right! He’s absolutely right! He’s done his homework, he spends a lot of time and resources obviously researching Google and the way those metrics work and is changing all the time.

If you’re one of those guys trying to do it all by yourself, you can’t. You can’t keep up with your personal life, your practice life and everything else and successfully figure out how those algorithms change (and they change all the time)!

So I can unequivocally say if you trust him, if you trust this company – Local Search For Dentists will benefit you if you do what they tell you to do. I want to shake Graig’s hand and personally thank him.

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