Beyond The Chair (Part 1 of 3) with Graig Presti, MBA: “The Darkside of Dentistry and Why It’s Limiting The Growth Of Your Practice!”

Welcome to our new series, Beyond The Chair. We discuss issues facing today’s practice owner, and how to stay competitive in your market. Our discussion this week focuses on the Darkside of Dentistry. This week, here’s what you’ll learn: The unfortunate reason why some industry “experts” have polluted the profession by preaching that marketing and selling are bad, and all you have… Read More »

“Old School” Website Dental SEO Is Dead. Unless You’re Doing This, You’re Flushing Time & Money Down The Drain.

Google is somewhat of an enigma. We all know they’re around to help dental practices like yours get found. But very few doctors know how to get them to do it. Even if you start to crack the code and your site climbs to Page 2 or even the sought-after Page 1, don’t expect to stay there. See, Google’s algorithm… Read More »

The REAL Reason Why You Have Too Many NO SHOWS (and it’s not what you think!)

As founder and CEO of one of the most reputable, successful and fastest growing companies in all of dentistry….I’ve had the unique privilege of helping thousands of dentists all over the world leverage their existing practice and generate more phone calls, more new patients/referrals, and most importantly….MORE PROFIT in their practice.  I want you take a moment and really get… Read More »

The Easiest Way To Build A Big Practice Of Loyal Patients

Guest Post By Dr. David Moffet, The Ultimate Patient Experience By the time this blog hits the newsstands the second US Presidential debate will have been run, done, and won. I’m writing this now, pre-debate. With a smile on my face. Because as I was out on my morning walk this morning I was in two minds as to whether… Read More »

The Need For Improvement Must Always Be A Constant

Guest Post By Dr. David Moffet, The Ultimate Patient Experience *** “One of the major reasons that businesses do not implement change into their customer service systems is their belief that the cost of change will be greater than the cost of making no changes. Which is false science. And illogical. But it is a belief trotted out time and… Read More »

7 Bullet-Proof Strategies That Attract A Flood Of Implant Patients!

If you hate reading or are short on time… and want the quick 5 minute video version. click here => Recently, I surveyed over 23,000 dentists asking the top problems and dangers they  are facing. These are the top 7 major problems they identified: 1. “When I bring up implants, all patients think about is price.” 2. “I’ve been… Read More »

“Beyond The Chair” (Part 2 of 3): “Learn What The Big Players (who attract the most Implant cases) Are Doing, And How You Can Get Those Patients To Choose You As Their “Go-to” Dentist!”

Welcome to this week’s episode of “Beyond The Chair”, where we discuss issues facing today’s dental practice owner, and how to stay competitive in your market. Our discussion this week focuses on how to Beat ClearChoice and the Other Slick Selling Dentists In Your Area! This week (part 2 of 3), here’s what you’ll learn: Why ClearChoice and other big… Read More »

How Dentists Can Successfully Target Millennials (without offending them permanently!)

Majority of dentists want to shake their head and dismiss this LARGE demographic and FUTURE patients of dentistry, and I say…you better embrace them because they’re extremely loyal, and will determine your future success as a practice. The Millennial Generation (as controversial as it is) brings with it the opportunity to attract an entirely new crowd of Pay, Stay, and Refer… Read More »

Are You A Dentist Or A Salesperson?

Guest Post By Dr. David Moffet, The Ultimate Patient Experience *** I often hear dentists say to me: “I’m a Dentist. Not a Sales Person.” Which is an interesting thing to say. When you are owning and running a Dental Office. Or working in a Dental Office that has an owner. Because unless you are a charity, and you are… Read More »

Four Critical Questions You Must Always Ask A New Patient On The Phone

Guest Post by Jayne Bandy, Founder of Dental Phone Excellence *** There are a thousand questions to ask a New Patient on the phone but we need to ask the ones that make the difference. Asking the following four questions on the New Patient call will make the difference. “Do you mind if I ask you a few questions first so… Read More »