Understanding and Applying the New 2017 Gingivitis Code 4346

BLOG AUTHOR: Wendy Briggs, RDH I have received many questions about this new code, When is it appropriate to use it? What will insurance cover? What are the limitations we have when billing with this code? All important questions, that I will cover in this video blog. What I find interesting about this code is that it is in the… Read More »

BREAKING: “Learn How This Former “Stressed Out” Dentist Went From Struggling To Pay The Bills To Dominating His Market With Record Months!”

Click The “Play” Button Below To Get All The Details On “How Dr. Gilbert Went From A “Stressed Out” Dentist To Dominating His Market With Record Months”(our read below- if you prefer to read!) Want the same great success as Dr. Gilbert? Click below to get the same game-plan he uses in his practice and how you can achieve these great… Read More »

Are Your Patients Engaged in This Dangerous “At Home” Teeth-Whitening Trend?

One of our clients brought this alarming trend to my attention this morning: I watched “Mama Natural’s” YouTube video where she, a self-proclaimed expert in natural health, is instructing viewers to go out and buy a $5 bottle of activated charcoal, then grind it all over their teeth twice a day in a bubbly, black haze. This is actually one… Read More »

Dentists’ Income Will Lower Again in 2017

Dental spending remains sluggish five years after the economic recovery, according to a new research brief by the ADA’s Health Policy Institute. The amount of empty chair time coupled with a wave of new dental graduates mean dentists’ earnings will stay sluggish and low for some time to come. “Dentistry is a profession that is rocky and unpredictable right now,”… Read More »

[BREAKING] HIV-infecting dentist accused of Medicaid fraud

IN THE NEWS: Former Oklahoma dentist Scott Harrington, accused of infecting patients with HIV, now accused of Medicaid fraud Scott Harrington, the Tulsa dentist previously accused of infecting patients with HIV and hepatitis, has entered a guilty plea for federal money laundering charges. Harrington forfeited his license in 2014. He was accused of exposing patients to HIV hepatitis Hearing in… Read More »

Step By Step Formula For Dealing With Difficult Patients.

Guest Post By Jayne Bandy, Dental Phone Excellence We have all said this under our breath: “What a difficult patient.” You know the patient… You can’t seem to find a time that suits them They cancel all the time I am always following them up They never want to have all their treatment completed They are in pain and want… Read More »

Dentists Have Trouble With Addressing This One Staff Behavior…

It’s funny, but for some reason dentists have difficulty with confrontation. I see dentists often say to me: “I couldn’t ever say that!” And really, by not doing what I tell them they should say, these dentists are committing themselves to extra misery and despair. And I’m not talking about SELLING. I’m talking about staff issues. I hear of an… Read More »

Say This To Your Patients and Watch What Happens

Guest Post By Jayne Bandy, Dental Phone Excellence Have you ever been out and about and heard something that just sounds so wrong? I was buying a DVD in a retail store last week when I heard what seemed to be the same thing said by two different sales people. I was lined up waiting for an available checkout person… Read More »

How To Give A 5 STAR Patient Experience At NO Cost!

I hear Dentists saying repeatedly that they are losing patients and that they are not getting enough new patients coming back through the door. This is not good news for any Dental Office. I mentioned a few weeks ago that it is crucial to decide which type of patients you prefer to see, and to start attracting those patients. Don’t… Read More »