New Patients For Life™ Podcast, Episode 1

Listen to audio only here: Download Episode 1 MP3 audio by clicking here (hold down right mouse button and select (“Save As…” or “Save Link As…”). Podcast # 1 abridged points Welcome to first episode of New Patients For Life™ podcast Host: Graig Presti, CEO of Local Search For Dentists®️, 4X-Inc. 500/5000 dental marketing agency in the industry and we… Read More »

The Hard Truths About Your Practice You Must Accept If You’re To Grow

Guest post by Jerry Jones To be successful in any endeavor – whether it’s business in general, the delivery of top-flight dental care, or whatever, you must be willing to do three things: Seek out, acknowledge, and most importantly, act to address the hard truths or realities you discover – if you are to ever experience sustainable, long-term, healthy growth… Read More »

This Small Town Texas Dentist Has Generated 99 New Patients Per Month…ALL On Autopilot!

Find out how Dr. Hawkins is averaging WELL ABOVE $1 million per year in collections as a solo dentist in a small rural Texas town. Learn how he has amassed a 4-6 week wait for patients, and why he doesn’t have to “sell treatment”…patients literally drive an hour from the big city to accept treatment from this “small-town doc” Discover… Read More »

“Old School” Website Dental SEO Is Dead. Unless You’re Doing This, You’re Flushing Time & Money Down The Drain.

Let’s start off by defining “SEO” or “Search Engine Optimization” because there are a lot of companies, marketers, and others selling dentists on these jargon type terms that have been watered down over the years. SEO is just a tool. You can optimize anything online these days and some are beneficial, while others are a waste of time and money.… Read More »

Why You Should NEVER EVER Rely On Facebook For Your Dental Marketing & New Patient Generation

“Oh we’re not gonna take itNo, we ain’t gonna take itOh we’re not gonna take it anymore” Twisted Sister, “We’re Not Gonna Take It” *** WARNING: Prepare for an EPIC rant. Facebook really ticked me off this morning. And it’s certainly not the first time. I was getting ready to run an ad on Facebook’s platform that would market our… Read More »

Virginia Dentists Suspended For Trading Dental Work In Exchange For Opioids, Resulting In One Fatality

The opioid abuse crisis in this country seems to know no bounds. Now, doctors in our industry are part of the problem. But more than anything, it’s irrefutable proof that in this day and age of fake news online and systemic corruption, that you absolutely need to demonstrate that you run a trustworthy, transparent practice. This terrible tale leads us… Read More »

Beyond The Chair™ Episode #6: “Why You Should Never EVER Delegate Your Dental Marketing & New Patient Acquisition To Staff (it could be costing you thousands!)”

Welcome To This Brand New, Original Series Featuring 3 Dental Marketing Leaders In An Uncensored, No-Holds-Barred Discussion That Cuts Through Misinformation & Confusion, Providing The Clarity You Desperately Need For Marketing Your Practice The Right Way, Right Now In this episode, we dispel some common myths surrounding DELEGATING MARKETING to your staff. You will learn: Why the CEO (Yes, you… Read More »

Why “Drugstore Dentistry” Is Commoditizing Treatment (and Coming For Your Patients & Market Share!)

“I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now.” -Queen, “I Want It All” There’s no denying that over the last 10-15 years, this country has seen our emphasis on convenience and expedience go through the roof. Conversations are faster, and sometimes reduced to mere letters over a text message. Entire businesses… Read More »

Beyond The Chair™ Episode #1: “Evolve Or Die: Is Your Dental Practice The Next Kmart or Amazon?”

Welcome To This Brand New, Original Video Training Series Featuring “3 Dental Marketing Leaders In An Uncensored, No-Holds Barred Discussion That Cuts Through Misinformation & Confusion, Providing The Clarity You Desperately Need For Marketing & Growing Your Practice The Right Way, Right Now!” In this first episode, Dr. Chris Salierno, practicing dentist and Dental Economics’ Magazine Chief Editor and Graig… Read More »

Beyond The Chair™ Episode #9: “Millennials (Love’em or hate’em.) – The Future Of Your Practice Hinges On Dominating This Untapped Dental Market”

In this don’t-miss episode focused on why Dominating the Millennial Market is critical to securing your future success, you’ll learn: Why this all-important generation can no longer be avoided or ignored How their growing families are your next set of lucrative patients and referrals Why typical pushy marketing or quirky offers will push them away Why this common contact method… Read More »